Campaign Manifesto

Community is at the heart of this campaign, as together we are stronger.

We aim to empower individuals aged 14-17 by nurturing their fight for their futures. We offer a home to those who feel like they are not listened to and feel overwhelmed by the issue of climate change. We believe that ‘valuing your clothing’ is one way that those who want to help but do not know how, can. By extending a garments life by three months per active user could result in a 5-10% reduction in all carbon, water and waste footprints.

We believe that the ability to value clothing begins at the home from an early age. Knitting is an answer to conquering clothing wastefulness. Using knitting skills, learnt from family members and friends gives an individual the tools to make, repair and re-vamp clothing; a skill that can be taken through to adulthood and teaches one to take pride in their work. Through the pride gained from the participation of knitting, comes the act of gaining a personal attachment. The personal attachment of a homemade/repaired garment is stronger than the connection to a mindless, mass-produced product. Fact.

Learning these skills at a young age becomes a gateway for experimentation and further development of other craft skills, encouraging engagement with the processes in their wardrobes is a skill for life. Knitting can bring 14-17 year olds together and provides a platform for communication, brings like-minded individuals together and does not leave anyone behind.








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