Kaffe Fassett

In terms of knitting and textiles, Kaffe Fassett, is a huge name and has been a massive influence within this community. He learnt to knit after buying some wool and needles in Scotland. When on the train, travelling back to London, he asked fellow passengers for help learning to knit. Once learnt from kind strangers he practiced, developing his skill, which in turn has allowed him to produce some of the best work in this field. What I love about Kaffe Fassett’s story is the fact he learnt the basic skill of the craft by talking to strangers, asking questions and fundamentally carrying the passed-down skills on to a point where now he has a large audience that he can inspire. The amount of work put in to produce his pieces is extremely evident. Various colours and intricate patterns are the fundamentals of Kaffe Fassett’s work, in fact, he says “Anything worth doing, is worth over doing. Always go to extremes. If in doubt add 20 more colours.” I have decided to look at this textiles artist due to the success of his work. He is well-known and loved within the textiles community and his work reaches a huge audience from the likes of Barbra Streisand to H.R.H. Princess Michael of Kent. I love his beautiful designs, shown in figures           , but what I am most interested in is how he has been able to become and then stay relevant and well-loved. His designs are beautiful, vibrant and full of fun but also very experimental, not what you would see everywhere. I definitely believe that his success is due to the uniqueness and quirkiness of his work, it turns heads, drawing people in. For my campaign I will need to be relevant and trendy in order to attract attention from an audience.

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