Going Green to Be Morally Clean: An Examination of Environmental Behavior Among Materialistic Consumers

In recent times materialism and environmentalism have become megarends within western societies. It has been thought in pass times that these two concepts are incompatible, however, this study suggests that values of materialism can, in fact, strengthen the relationship between both environmental knowledge and behaviors within certain conditions in a positive way. This has been found through the completion of four studies using experiments, surveys and secondary data to collect findings. Findings have suggested that materialistic values can have a positive effect when that individual has a large environmental knowledge. In fact this study suggests that someone who possesses both materialistic values and self-consciousness results in the increase of environmental attitudes and behaviors through knowledge for the better.

Most climate change activists in America have the attitude of, ‘do as I say, not as I do’. Highlighted as an example of this is film actor, Leonardo DiCaprio who is extremely vocal about helping our environment an reducing climate change, however, he, himself, owns three homes in New York and a further two in Hollywood. Even noble peace prize winner and former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore who’s work was for environmental protection, owned a number of homes and regularity flew on private jets, which both go against the idea of going ‘green’. This hypocritical attitude is something that many do not question and seem to accept as within social media, which many believe to be accurate in modern day society,  News stories and social media highlight our current phenomenon within current society.   Due to the ease of accessing information and how quickly it is accessed has provided this platform for megatrends, in this case materialism and environmentalism, to quickly morph into existence before the eyes of the whole world. Using social media to promote my campaign will play a huge role, I will be looking further into the benefits of using social media near the end of my project.



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