Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay, born in Ukraine, was a French artist whose work is thought to have contributed to the finding of the orphism art movement. Geometric patterns and shapes make up the majority of her talented work which produce an abstract appearance and style. Through-out Sonia Delaunay’s work you can see a clear passion for the exploration of how complimentary colours react together, which she used within all aspects of her work, even applying this to fashion and home decor. This can be seen in her 1931 piece the ‘Simultaneous dress’ which shows how she sewed together oddly shaped pieces of fabric in a way that was non-uniform in size and colour, see figure    . The colour scheme of her dress is very similar to what the artist had created in her paintings, showing her identity through-out all aspects of her work. Even though Sonia Delaunay is a painter the aesthetic of her work is very similar to that of clothing made from material patches, see figures    .

The aesthetic of patchwork garments have a collection of geometric shapes that slot together to form a physical thing. After looking at this artists work I am definitely interested in producing experiments and designs taking inspiration from this work. What I love is how the colours change when merged together and the soft edge of each shape because of this. Soft edges have resulted in a ‘fluffy’ appearance to some of her work, show in figures    . Also again it’s the idea of using what you have to create something that is not limited by a rule book. Sonia Delaunay has taken the idea of cubism and the orphism art movement and incorporated this into her fashion designs, see figures       .

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