According to the English dictionary, Austerity, means adopting a stern and sever attitude. This attitude is usually adopted by governments to preserve resources and reduces public expenditure in times of need. An example of this in British history was during both the first and second world wars through the use of rationing, utility clothing and the concept of make do and mend. This is something I will elaborate on further during my sketchbook, allowing me to fully understand the use of craft prior to mass-produced fashion, thus, giving me the insight of the durability of craft. This is a small section of the history of craft I will be looking at as it is a subject I hold close to my heart as it is a time period that has heavily influenced my Grandmothers motto of ‘waste not, want not’.  As I am currently living with my grandmother I am exposed to this concept in everyday life, from never wasting food to mending clothing instead of going out and buying new, my grandmother is very conscious not to waste if she can help it. She is often sewing, knitting and mending clothing using off-cuts and old garments.

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