Knitting Fundraising Workshop for Graduate Fashion Week 2019

To help raise money for graduate fashion week we have been offered a retail space within the lanes which we can use as we want. A group of us are showing our support for the cause and hosting mini-workshops to raise money. My workshop has been inspired by my current project, allowing me to put my research into practise where I will be able experience the joy of using my newly learnt skill and be able to share my knowledge with the Brighton community. My work-shop will host 10-15 people per group and all ages are welcome to participate who have an interest in adopting craft techniques to make and mend clothing instead of going out and buying something; with the goal to learn the importance of making more sustainable choices.

Bring your needles and get chatting. Domestic craft is much more than the process of design and making, it is a way of life, a way of expression and a way of communication for those who use it. I aim to inspire those around me to pick up some wool and needles and knit, using this space as a way to socialise and take time from their day for themselves. Needles and wool will be provided, however, if you have your own then feel free to bring them along.






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