WGSN Hobbycraft Report 2018

The 2018 WGSN report on Hobbycraft investigates Britain’s trend of using craft to create a space for mindfulness alongside the physical and social benefits associated with the activity it’s self. WGSN can improve one’s mental health in the long-term as 54% of the British nation use craft to feel good and relax, thus, creating a balance in one’s everyday, busy schedules. The fashion forecasting house, WGSN, has found that monthly there are 60,000 searches for ‘mindfulness’ through the Hobbycraft website; the company as a result offers blog based tutorials for their customers, therefore, allowing their customers to practice the art of craft from the comfort of their homes to suit their needs. Through research, WGSN have found that 56% of UK customers prefer handcrafted  gifts to those bought in a shop as they are seen to be more meaningful. Papercraft and other crafts such as; lino printing, candle making and macramé have been seen on the rise and are thought to become increasingly popular in the next couple of years, this is seen within figures           . The report also highlights that 60% of British teachers believe that creativity and craft should make up more of the school curriculum as 1 in 5 people who carried out a WGSN survey stated that they are unable to sew on a button. Furthermore 52% of those who participated in this survey have never been taught basic sewing and craft skill at school. With these statistics in mind Hobbycraft have introduced a kids clubs at their stores with the aim to decrease these shocking figures by educating the youth on important skills. This report is extremely insightful as it identifies the benefits of craft on the mind and soul as well as highlighting the issue of the lack of individuals educated with the basics of craft. Within my project I will be looking into the benefits of craft as well as using my findings to spread my message of inspiring those to use craft to mend and make instead of wasting garments and adding to the rising issue of unsustainable fashion.

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