Beats Electronics

Founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine, beats offers it’s clients with a new generation of premium sound entertainment. Dr. Dre says “people aren’t hearing all the music.” this quote stuck with me as it sits with Dr. Martens brand heart beat of music, this is why I have decided that Beats Electronics would be best served as part of my launch event for my campaign with Piñatex and Dr. Martens. The Dr. Dre company believes in helping its customers feel the raw excitement, emotion and energy from the recording studio within their listening experience. Phone company HTC teamed up with the brand and held the rights to producing their smart phone intreated with the beats sound system; Apple Inc. have since teamed up with the brand in 2012 due to its success and quality in product.

“I didn’t have manufacturing experience, but I had experience of building something from scratch … Every time we put out an album, it was basically like building a new business–a unique cast of characters, unique challenges and opportunities, and trying to figure out a unique path to market.” – Dr. Dre

The above quote embodies a lot of Dr.martens morals of uniqueness and original expression. This element of being able to be yourself no matter what is a factor I am highly interested in, it is truly beautiful to be able to express yourself and be true to what you believe in. Even though this brand does not indicate   whether or not it agrees with the concept of sustainability, the company has a huge audience and is extremely popular in current society meaning it would be a great publicity move for my campaign.



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