Idea 1 – Facebook Page


Again I have used a free social media site to promote my campaign, facebook, which is a highly used social media site. I took a screenshot of the Dr. Martens facebook page that has 1,936,737 people who like and follow the page, and manipulated the screenshooted image on photoshop to host my campaign imagery. I have changed the cover photo for the  site to display and highlight this campaign. It has an older audience that Instagram does but as the target audience for Dr. Martens is 16-40 year olds it would be another way to reach the companies customers. Facebook is a better platform to organise events so for my second idea I will look more into this in order to plan events that advertise my collaboration with Dr. Martens and Piñatex.

If I had more time for this idea then I would have created all my own imagery and own typography, however, I want to focus more on my second idea.


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