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Adidas and Parley for Oceans  have collaborated to create a collection of shoes made from plastic ocean debris in an attempt to address environmental issues caused by dumping plastic into our seas. The new collection shows three recreated trainers from Adidas’ UltraBoost collection with a new shoe designed especially for the collaboration. 11 plastic bottles are used per shoe within the shoe laces, sock liner covers and heel linings. The collaborations aim is to turn the threat into thread. Adidas is one of the few retail companies that has dedicated itself to becoming more sustainable in all aspects of its practises so the collaboration with Parley for Oceans is a perfect choice, giving its customers eco-friendly and conscious shopping choices.

The logo for this collaboration, shown in figure 103, is basic but it works well, staying true to both brands identity. This is something I need to channel within my final pieces to create strong campaigns. I love the illustrations in figure 104 as they are minimal yet effective when bringing Parley’s message to the forefront of the page. The illustrations remind me of blue prints and/or sketches that aim to create ideas.

Figure 107 is  Parley for Oceans instagram page which captures the essence of the sea through powerful imagery. This imagery is dark, channelling the darkness of the threats our environment and oceans are up against, there are also films there that highlight the true impacts of our plastic waste. It shows the problem and so gives us a solution to that problem through recycling wasted plastic.

The product of this collaboration is shown in figure 105 and also figure 106. The colour pallet used reflects that of the campaign’s message and the threats towards our oceans. I chose to look at this collaboration as it has been really successful and I strongly agree with it’s purpose. In 2017 they sold 1 million pairs of shoes and now they are working together again to create an apparel line with the goal of doing more to strive for sustainability. Parley are also striving towards this with their newest strategy ‘Parley A.I.R.’ which stands for avoid, intercept, and redesign.

What i’ve understood from this collaboration is it has to stay true to each brands identity. The product and campaign have to mirror each other and its purpose has to be clear and strong to allow customers to understand its ethos.

Figure 103

Figure 104


Figure 106

Figure 107

Figure 105


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