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Figure 44

MUD Jeans is a company that believes in working towards a world without waste which is mirrored within their logo, shown in figure 44. They offer there clients with a jean leasing service in order to reduce the amount of resources used within the production of jeans and also waste. Waste is reduced as the company respects the earth, it is this respect that has pushed CEO, Bert van Son (figure 45), to believe that there is a better way to than fast fashion. MUD Jeans describe their work force as being ‘a community of forward-thinking people. True pioneers, visionaries and change makers’, as stated on their website. They believe that on average 30% of your wardrobe has never been worn before, when reading this statistic I was shocked. Previously I touched upon Elizabeth L.Cline’s book, Overdressed: The shocking high cost of cheap fashion, which lead me to rummage through my wardrobe and see what I had hiding and I am ashamed to say that I am guilty to this statistic. This whole exercise has been very beneficial, in a sense we don’t need to be constantly buying clothes that we either never wear or that only make an appearance on a handful of occasions to then be thrown into the back of the wardrobe never to been seen again. Could the idea of leasing jeans from companies, like MUD Jeans, that take full responsibility of the product once the customer is ready to trade in for a new pair, to either recycle it into a new product or to keep on top of the up keep be the way forward for a sustainable fashion industry?

Figure 45

Figure 52


So how can you lease your very own pair of MUD Jeans?

To lease your pair of MUD Jeans, all you need to do is pay 7,50€ monthly fee. At the checkout the company advertises a free monthly subscription which, if the customer whats to keep receiving the benefits of this service, turns into a 29€ one off payment that allows the customer to become a MUD Jeans community member where they have the ability to lease a total of three pairs of jeans at any one time. This service can help you achieve guilt-free consumerism and allow you to keep on top of your shopping habits whilst keeping fashion conscience.

How are the jeans made?

All old pairs of jeans are recycled by pulling apart the old pairs and shredding the material. Once the material has been shredded down the product of this process is blended with virgin cotton to produce yarn, this process gives the yarn the strength it needs to be fit for purpose. The yarn is then dyed using indigo dye and water; the water is then purified so it can be used again. To then make the material that forms a new par of jeans the yarn is weaved together, thus producing a recycled denim, figure 52, that is thoroughly checked for mistakes and any hazardous chemicals. This process has been documented to the right between figures 46 to 51.

Figure 46 – 51

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