V&A – Fashioned from Nature

The recent exhibition, showcasing at the V&A (Victoria & Albert museum) is ‘Fashioned from Nature’. Within the exhibition the curators have designed a timeline, depicting a  journey of fashion and the materials designers have used through-out the years. The exhibition shows the process of how these materials are made with the help of insightful diagrams to communicate this information. What I understood from the exhibition was the fashion industry uses materials available to create products without thinking of the consequences. In the past thirty years people have a better understanding of our destructive impact on the world with help of designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney on board raising awareness of this issue. From circular fashion to the production of new bio-engineered fabrics and even making conscience consumer choices; this exhibition is full to the brim of quality information that has influenced the topic of my current project. I will use this influence to shape the direction of my research and my final piece to raise awareness in order to inspire fashion designers to use eco alternatives in their work to help create a green fashion industry. Within my research I will look into the impact of fast fashion, what individuals in the industry are doing to help with this problem and what promotional techniques I can use to help the rest of the world understand what changes they can make to go green. I will communicate my findings in a 360 campaign alongside my final piece, which will be a journalist piece communicating to readers alternative materials fashion designers can use in an effort to become fashion conscience. All below images where taken by me.






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