Diana Scherer

The idea of training grass roots into intricate structures to form a 3D texture has been designed by Diana Scherer. The designers ‘root bound dress’, her interest in the relationship between man and nature has inspired the focus of her work which is currently displayed at the V&A, London museum. Even though the garment is not yet suitable to be worn, it is a hint of potential in terms of a sustainable future. Figures 8-10 are taken by me when at the ‘Fashioned from Nature’ exhibition. The images show what inspired me within the exhibition, these include; Diana Scherer’s ‘root bound dress’ and the mesmerising structure up close to show how it has been manipulated into a textile. A mixture between the structure of the materials and their sustainable background caught my attention. The earthy colour pallet is another element that I love as it depicts the message that the artist is portraying, the link between man and nature. I want to use this idea within my campaign within my imagery and experimental work once I have a further understanding of where my research is going, as I have a variation of ideas in terms of where this project is going next. Creating alternatives for the fashion industry to use to decrease the environmental impact on the world is an important idea that needs to be talked about more. I want to look into what eco materials other companies are creating next and begin to pick up on their marketing techniques.  Within this project I want to investigate the types of changes that the fashion industry are making to become more sustainable and how to promote these changes to a larger audience, creating awareness on this issue.


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