Calvin Klein Met Gala Eco Dress

Also showcasing at the V&A’s recent exhibition ‘Fashioned from Nature’ is Calvin Klein’s recycled dress that was worn by the famous Emma Watson in New York for the Met Gala’s ‘Green Carpet Challenge’ back in 2016. Emma Watson is an advocate for creating a more sustainable fashion industry; as a powerful figure and role model in modern day society it is amazing to see famous actresses get on board with such an important issue in current times. The elegant gown shown in the below imagery (all photographed by me) is designed by Calvin Klein; to produce this beautiful design, Calvin Klein have used plastic bottles. This fabric is made-up completely of recycled plastic bottles. As stated below the total CO2 emissions and energy emitted from processing plastic bottles into yarn is much less than creating new polyester fibre creating a more sustainable outcome. This dress can also be worn in a number of different ways as the dress has been designed as separate pieces, this mirrors the idea of recycling plastic bottles and giving them a new purpose after the recycling process is completed. I think it is really interesting with what you can do with materials today and it has become clear that every day more and more sustainable ways to produce materials are becoming accessible to us. This is another outcome of recycling that I did not know about and truly believe that not enough people know about these exciting improvements. After exploring the way that Calvin Klein have used a famous actress and the New York Met Gala’s competition to present their design to the rest of the world is a root to explore when promoting my campaign. The use of competitions and the influence that famous people have on the public is key to marketing success.



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