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Armed with world-class scientific and engineering talents, Bolt Threads have been able to turn their passion into a reality. Through research and the belief that environmental problems can be found within nature they have been able to produce their new bio-engineered fabrics. Dan Widmaieris is the CEO and Co-founder of Bolt Threads and David Breslauer and Ethan Mirsky are the other two Co-founders of this company. As a company they want to steer away from using harmful materials such as; Petroleum-based polymers, toxic processes and non-renewable material. Instead the company use closed-loop production, sustainable fabrics and more renewable solutions that can be altered to coherer to specific needs; strength, comfort, stretch, water-resistant, softness and/or lightweight. They offer their clients bio-engineered materials that provide advance performance that produce less waste during production. Figure 13 and 18 show Bolt Threads new product ‘The Milo Driver Bag’ made from Mylo™ mycelium leather which they claim to be ‘the world’s best leather substitute’. I think the way the product is photographed tells a story of someone on the go, who needs a well-made bag that is fit for purpose. When producing my campaign I need to make sure I have a strong story following through my imagery to show that sustainable materials are just ductile and long-lasting as traditional materials such as cotton and polyester. 

Figure 1 – My own imagery

The company is based in Emeryville, California and is currently part of an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum, showcasing their collaboration with British designer Stella McCartney (Shown in figure 12). It was at this exhibition that I was able to learn about this amazing company; the experience gave me an insight into what individuals are currently doing around the world. Below are some image from both the Bolts Threads website and images I took whilst at the ‘Fashioned into Nature’ exhibition. Bolt Threads have displayed their revolutionary materials on their website through capturing close ups of the bio-engineered materials; I found the aesthetic of this pleasing as it shows texture (shown in figures 11, 14, 16 and 17). As introduced previously, I took a close up of the Diana Scherer ‘grass root dress’ to show the intricate design of the dresses structure. Through looking at these two designers I want to experiment with this idea within my future research as a way to communicate my campaign on my Instagram account. I believe creating a cohesive instagram account showcasing imagery of material close ups to show structures and textures will appeal to millennials; therefore, attracting more followers (Bolt threads instagram account shown in figure 15).

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