#MakeYourMark, Missguided’s New Diverse Mannequins, What’s the Next Instalment?

In 2017 Missguided launched their ‘#Makeyourmark’ campaign which aimed to promote body positivity within women and featured nine models showcasing in a number of images unbrushed. With everything left bare and for all to see It showed that no one is perfect; women DO have stretch marks, women Do have scars and women Do have cellulite. The ethos of the campaign was strong and highlighted that they believe individuals need to “embrace your flaw’s”, my favourite part was to “ F*ck Imperfections”. Due to the success of the campaign Missguided have since introduced their new ‘ethnically diverse mannequins’ that have stretch marks, freckles and vitiligo. These mannequins have been displayed in the London Stratford and Kent’s Bluewater stores for the last 2 months and I have been interested to see what effect they have had on the general public. Imperfections are nothing to ashamed of and I am extremely proud that Missguided have used their influences within the media and as a brand to promote this amazing cause with the hope of empowering women whatever their size, shape, skin type and appearance. Everyone is perfect in their own unique way. The question is what’s next?

Missguided has made a promise to us stating “We are making a pledge to never retouch our models perfect ‘imperfections’ out” and within the last year has been. The ‘#Makeyourmark’ campaign’s nine stars, also known as Missguided ‘model babes’, are as follows; Felicity who says, “Do not allow other people’s opinions to become you”. Jade goes on to talk about her stretch marks, “As you get older, you realise these marks are part of you and they’re beautiful in the most amazing way” — “It’s important to teach young girls to love every part of themselves”. The other fabulous women are Emily, Tinar, Shkye, Nylo, Sam, Ally and Nelly and are introduced along side their unedited images on the missguided site in the form of a zine called ‘Babe Zine’. What I love about the campaign is the fact that these amazing and inspirational women are not only from different backgrounds but are all shapes and sizes. You can meet the girls and learn more about them and their individual stories here —  https://www.missguided.co.uk/campaign/make-your-mark.

The campaign has been very successful due to it’s honestly, without this we wouldn’t have the chance to be introduced to the newly unveiled diversity mannequins. Johanna Roelich had shared on the Missguided blog a before and after shoot of their ‘model babe’ Amanda in a bikini with the caption, “And to all the haters who doubted us, the only thing we retouched here was the model’s own pants’. See the image below. In my opinion the vibes that the brand are portraying onto the public are those of not caring what other’s care about, self love and laughing at the haters. Reviews have been posted via twitter showing their users singing their praises about the campaign. One user @Emma_Mitchell94 had written “LOVING @Missguided #MakeYourMark campaign. It is exactly what is needed in this world of social media perfection and unrealistic body goals. It’s about time we celebrate each other and how beautiful we are. #KEEPONBEINGYOU #FlawsWhatFlaws?” Another says, @lozzakxoxo “Always hated my stretch marks on my bum, now thanks to @Missguided I just wanna show the world my striped booty.” Missguided have shown their gratitude by featuring their generous words on the Misguided website.

In February the two stores in London, Stratford and Kent’s Bluewater introduced their new ethnically diverse mannequins; the mannequins highlight the diversity within our culture today and show that we can be put into boxes as we are all different in our own unique ways. In recent years the barriers of the fashion world have been continuously pushed further and further out, thus creating an extremely diverse outcome to our everyday lives and making ‘the norm’ void. These mannequins bring light to some skin conditions such as; the conduction, Vitiligo which is what the  supermodel and body positive advocate Winnie Harlow has, stretch marks also appear on the mannequins, as well as freckles and one wears a headscarf. Missguided realised that the everyday woman is not perfect and that a mannequin does not depict the realist image of their shoppers. Even though the movement brings a fresh view on the fashion world I can’t help but feeling that they have failed to highlight the issue of size. Other’s also have commented on the fact that there aren’t plus sized mannequins. Some Twitter users have spoken on this matter and one user has said, @DanayiM “Great to see Missguided have got mannequins with freckles, stretch marks etc but how about some which aren’t a size 0 now.” However, the #Makeyourmark ‘babe zine’ does show plus size models within the campaign.

Within the last year there has been some exciting developments within the Missguided brand and their #Makeyourmark campaign. It has proven to its shoppers that they care and also that they are not afraid to push boundaries, curving the shape of fashion. I hope that in future years the brand will progress and introduce mannequins that celebrate curves and plus size. Missguided has given me hope that the fashion world will give a positive message to women young and old to show that you can be you, you do not need to look at mannequins, ads or models and think that you need to look like that. So I leave with you with this, quoted from the Missguided blog  “We’re on a mission to inspire you to feel unashamedly confident in being yourself. Ignore the haters and always strive to be that little bit extra. Just be you babe, because there is no other way.”-Johanna Roelich.

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