Trek a T-shirt Campaign

Trek a T-shirt is a campaign designed to raise awareness for the charity, Trekstock is a charity which focuses on raising awareness for young individuals with cancer in order to help them and the people around them deal with the circumstance in the correct and lovely way. The campaign will also strive to represent Trekstock’s young and lively aesthetic. It also appeals to the creatives, both in education and post graduates as the campaign focuses on the generation that thinks it is invincible and untouchable, but its not as immortal as it thinks it is.

My new campaign will provide a fresh and artistic approach to fundraising as participants will not only be able to engage with the project but also create their own master pieces which will then be place into a competition in partnership with Trekstock and Topshop. The idea of this campaign is that an individual can purchase a £15 Trek a T-shirt pack from the Trekstock website or from a Topshop flagship store. Each pack will include a plain white T-shirt, a can of spray paint (5 colours to choose from), a pack of stencils and a stencil of the Trekstock logo. All money will go towards the charity, in hope it will help many across the country.

The idea of the Trek a T-shirt pack is to design the unique T-shirt using the limited tools to complete the task at hand. Once you have designed your work of art, keeping in mind the Trekstock message, you are asked to upload an image of you wearing the T-shirt onto a social media platform. These platforms include; Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. When uploading the image you will also need to tag the campaign, @TREKAT_SHIRT and add the hashtags; #trekat-shirt, #trekstock, #campaign, #360campaign. By adding your image onto social media you are therefore entering yourself into the Trekstock, Trek a T-shirt competition. When all entries are entered into the competition we take into consideration all applicants. Once we have seen all entries we release the shortlist and then, a week later, the three winners of the competition. The winners are then announced on our Instagram and website. All three winners are given a  cash price to go towards their current project and are given opportunities within the fashion industry.

The inspiration for this fresh campaign was from the Lady Garden Campaign which supports Gynaecology cancer by selling Jumpers in Topshop and many other stores, both online and in store. I was also inspired by the Yellow Bird project which is associated with Trekstock and was my first point of inspiration. The Yellow Bird project sells T-shirts and colouring books that are produced by an array of brands such as Bon Iver , Churches, John Grant and The Shins.  For more information about this campaign contact Trekstock at or call on +44 (0) 2074398607 as we are here to “ensure no young adult has to face cancer alone.”

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