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POWA magazine is read by young creatives, aspiring designers and the fashion-conscious. Our audience is both male and female ranging from 18-25 years old. POWA readers are stylish, diverse, culturally aware and independent thinkers. With a strong interest in the fashion industry, our readers aspire to work in the various job roles currently established in the arts and fashion. Our readers are interested in more than just clothes; they like to see a range of content & alternative approaches to mainstream publications.




Based on our audience age range of 18-25 POWA is aware that finance is a crucial area of concern for our target market. Whilst aiming to appeal to consumers such as students, young graduates, people in junior roles etc POWA understands that the price we sell the magazine at will impact sales. This is something the team considers to be an important factor. Consumers in their early twenties are usually under a high amount of financial pressure so it is vital for us to place the magazine at a price point that is within our target market’s spending allowance. It is also important for the team to consider the comparison of fellow competitor prices in the current market to allow the selling price of the magazine to be completive. POWA will be priced at £10.00 GBP per issue and will be a monthly publication.


Competitors in the market Price of magazine (GBP £)
Dazed & confused £5.50 // released Bi-monthly.
She Is Fierce £10.00 // Released biannually.
Paper £7.59 ($10 USD) // Released six times per year.
AnOther £7.99 // Released biannually.
The September Issues £15.00 // Released biannually.
I-D £10.60 // Released monthly (12 issues per year).
Accent £10.00//Released biannually.




POWA’S Competitors are various other fashion magazines that host a similar interest in culture, fashion and identity. Our competitors range from large scale to smaller independent publications.



Accent – Accent is described as an international magazine ‘celebrating lives lived outside the ordinary — the free spirits, the radicals and the beautiful misfits of this world’


AnOther – A thought-provoking blend of high fashion, art and culture. The magazine has a clean layout and makes effective use of space & image positioning.


Dazed & Confused- Dazed & Confused magazine is considered to be one of the world’s leading independent fashion and culture media brand.

‘Dazed Media is an agenda-setting publishing powerhouse including the iconic international brands; Dazed, AnOther, Another Man and Hunger’


I-D – A global platform for emerging talent, i-D celebrates fashion, culture, individuality and youth.


She is Fierce – ‘She is fierce is a magazine collective curated for and by a blimmin’ badass bunch of curious femmes’ She is fierce magazine is female focused but has content focusing on young designers, students and illustrators in the fashion industry.


The September Issues – The September Issues aims to challenge and redefine women’s publishing. Creating for an audience that is not only interested in fashion but is politically and socially aware.





Jennifer Seavers

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