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WHISTLES presents a brand new collection titled GENERATION. The Sub-brand remains true to the original style of the brand and design ideas. The brand consists of staple wardrobe pieces for the millennial on the go, from office door to chilled weekends. The collection is designed for an age group which lead a busy professional and or academic life but also like to add urban elements into their down time clothing choices. The gap in the market here is for quality clothing suitable for both a professional environment and in the home whilst not being too luxury and expensive to new professionals who have just stepped onto the career ladder. WHISTLES generation take pride to produce affordable, well constructed and thoughtfully designed garments. Remaining true to the brand value of being modern and laid back with an attention to detail and quality.

From tailored jumpsuits to quality denim, bags, shoes and loungewear the collection has the occasion covered. The sub-brand aims to appeal to the generation entering the working world and yet still wanting to look stylish, young and respectable whilst on the move. The sub-brand also highlights the importance of being able to mix your workwear wardrobe with personal clothing to maximise the use of your clothing and encouraging more careful considerations to be made when buying pieces, whilst having a slightly lower price point to the main brand collections.

The collection encourages slow fashion with pieces being made ethically and resourceful in production. WHISTLES GENERATION takes workwear and comfy casuals to a new level of cool with a simple colour palette the collection can be styled easily by customers and reflect their own identity.

WHISTLES GENERATION will hold it’s own blog site within the WHISTLES existing website. This will link seamlessly with the current journal section and inspiration tabs on the existing site. Showcasing customers’ purchases and how they style them for their everyday life. This tool will act as a means of inspiration to the customers. Alongside this will be a shop section where customers can purchase from the range. Interactive in design and loaded with artistic content such as illustrations, GIFS, videos and blogger content / guest pieces. The blog site will not only encourage and create sales but also act as a means of entertainment and source of fashion content.

The GENERATION label will have a separate social media account to the main site for all platforms in order to reflect the slightly younger and hip approach on the style of the brand. In order to encourage circulation of the new sub-brand whistles will promote the new site on their main social media initially. The sub-brand will have a tag to create a social media trend and encourage circulation through the likes of Instagram and Twitter. The Tag: #WHISTLESGENERATION.

The launch of the sub-brand entails a women’s collection aimed at ages 18-25 as this is the generation who will have stepped onto the career ladder in SS19. Based on the success of the first collection WHISTLES GENERATION will then create a menswear line the following season to run alongside the women’s collection.

Jennifer Seavers

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