Personal work (part 2)

A series of work either commissioned or personal.

-(Sketch book) personal work for future reference. (Coyote) Current commission for the craft beer company Station 119 which will be made up of five drawings.-

-Sample work for future reference-

-Commissioned tattoo design-

-Sample piece for future reference-


-Sample piece for future reference-


-Developed piece from screen print project-


-Developed piece from screen print project-


-Commissioned band single cover-


-Second commission for the band futurefirsthands second single ‘Say the Word’-


-Potential commissioned surfboard design for the nightclub Mahiki Dubai-


-Commissioned tattoo design-


Personal Project // MELANCHOLY

For this personal project I chose to base it off the word ‘Melancholy’ which is the feeling of pensive sadness with no obvious cause. I think what fascinated me about the meaning is that theres aspects of melancholy in all forms of life and so in this project I wanted to portray my view the idea.

As a starting point I took the idea from the compositional aesthetics project to look at something observed, something researched and something personal, all in my opinion relating to melancholy. For the observed I chose to look at graffiti tags around Brighton. For the researched I chose to look at the American dream and how this fantasy has shifted in perspective as time has passed. Lastly for the personal I chose to look at nature as I feel like not enough attention is given towards the natural world compared to other things.

I then created a body of work in which I experimented with incorporating the three factors together to see what I could achieve with it visually.

Once I made these I felt that I wanted to create a further interaction and depth between the different factors that I thought I couldn’t fully achieve through physically drawing it onto paper. I then decided to experiment with different ways of photographing the images with different sources of lighting which led to quite a monochromatic appearance. This then led to digitally editing the images which gave further potential to my work.

I then decided to use Adobe photoshop to create further layer which allowed me to better incorporate the aspect of nature into my work as I thought I wasn’t achieving this properly buy drawing the areas of nature that I was researching such as different animal patterns/ textures.

Through this process I was really happy with the outcome of imagery that I had created as I felt that I had achieved the aesthetic I was looking for. Creating a dream like mirage that is my understanding of melancholy.

Still looking to further experiment how someone were to interact with these images I wanted to incorporate slight animations into the images to bring an aspect of movement into them.


Semiotics of Nature

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. I chose to look at the semiotics within nature as usually in nature animals either want to be seen or don’t creating an array of patterns and forms that work in their favour.

I started of by playing with different patterns within nature with patterns animals use to camouflage themselves compared to patterns animals use to reveal themselves.


In researching signs and symbols within nature one animal that caught my attention was the amazonian poison dart frogs. They come in a wide range of colours and patterns and found it fascinating how such a small creature was so boldly advertised that its poisonous in an environment where its best to stay hidden.

I proceeded to breakdown the elements of the frogs into more abstracts forms of shape and colour.

I further experimented with this relation between shape and colour in more developed pieces.

In further experimentation I put the drawing above in Adobe photoshop cc and layer more forms of patterns and textures within nature to see how they reacted the patterns and colour combinations I had already created.

Let there be light (part 2)

For the second part of the let there be light project I had to choose from a selection of starting points and create another piece of work relating to it. I chose to look at bioluminescence as a starting point as I’ve always had a fascination with how light can be natural created through chemical reactions with certain organisms. The resulting video I made was the combination of experimenting with stencils and different light sources to create a surreal piece which looks alive. (video file wasn’t uploading properly on this site go to for the full video)


Let there be light (part 1)

For the Let there be light project we were placed into groups of four and had to experiment with different ways of using found objects in different kinds off artificial/natural light to create unique photographs. Between the four of us, a selection of 12 images were chosen in which we thought were the strongest images. The reason we chose these 12 was due to their ambiguous appearance and how it wasn’t totally obvious as to what the images are of.


From the 12 images we chose our two favourite ones to present in our crit as we thought these two stood out from the rest.

When Worlds Collide – Part 2

For this section of the project I had to develop experimental approaches to visual communication and creative risk taking. As well as enhance understanding of the process of visual communication from research and idea generation through to engaging an audience.

I decided to look at ‘Blue Planet’ and ‘In the news’ as my two starting points as I thought it would be a solid foundation as somewhere to start creating work in relation to issues currently going on with our oceans such as plastic pollution, coral bleaching and shark finning etc.

I decided to start of this project by first looking at the blue planet aspect of it in which I looked into a variety of species of fish and the vivid range of patterns that they naturally have along their bodies and in turn created studies of them creating patterns and a visual platform only from what I could see.


– When Worlds Collide study –


I then went on to incorporate text within the pieces as a way of trying to create awareness and insight about some of the issues that are currently going on in the ocean like the possible loss of coral reefs around the world and the biodiversity that comes with it as well as shark finning etc.


When Worlds Collide Project – Part 1

-When Worlds Collide (Part 1) Screen printing-

For this project we were put into pairs and had to develop our understanding of how process and visual communication are linked. Enhance decision making, visual perception and awareness. Collaborate in the exploration and generation of ideas and processes.

Given two columns with a range of different inspirations me and my partner decided to look at the words ‘Birds’ and ‘Geometry’ as we thought trying to create a blend within these two very different choices would create an interesting result.

We started of by looking at how the two words linked to us in which we looked at the national bird of my partners country which was a Crane as he is from China. And then looked at Arabic Geometric patterns as I have lived a majority of my life in a Middle Eastern Country.

We then had a play about with making different shapes and images with stencils also using different paper folding techniques along with cutting it to create intricate patterns which to use for later.

 The next day we proceeded to start screen printing with our stencils in quite a free manor to see what range of images we could get.

Compositional Aesthetics Project (Part 2)

-Art of Composition-

For the second part of the compositional aesthetics project we had to harness the use of composition in order to support your visual communication. Developing a critical awareness of compositional intent, direction and meaning. Learning to utilise visual dynamics and the arrangement of formal elements to do this.

For this part of the project we were given a list of words as inspiration one of them being visualising sound which was one of my focal point in a previous project so I thought it would be a good way to develop that previous project further with a greater idea of how to involve composition more to create a stronger piece of work.

How I did this was scan and copy sections of the previous final piece and cut out and re-arrange them in a more spontaneous and hectic manor as I felt like in the previous piece I had planned it out to much for it to accurately represent sound which has as more unpredictable manor.


– Final Image –

I feel like this developed version of my visualisation of sound is a much better representation of what it could look like with the intertwining layers of waves, pulses and vibrations.

Compositional aesthetics project (Part 1)

   – Compositional Aesthetics –

For this new project we had to develop and enhance the use of visual elements and the space they inhabit to explore the link between composition  and communication. And to start off the project we had to create a collection of 30 distinct images that were categorised into three aspects which were Documentary/Observation, Inspired by Research themes/ Archives and Process/ Mark making/ Imagination.

For the Documentary/ Observation category I decided to look at the graffiti tags that I could find around Brighton as they are constantly within our visual field and was curious as to how I could incorporate them into the idea of compositional aesthetics.

With the source images I then proceeded to do a range of quick drawings from the tags that I had looked at.

The next category was to be inspired by research themes/ Archives and for this I looked at comic from the 1950’s called closer than we think which was a comic that imaged a utopian world in the near future which envisioned a futuristic world with advances in technology such as flying cars. I also looked at the cartoon television series the Jetsons as this followed a similar utopian idea.

These images resulted in 10 more rough drawings looking at the compositional aesthetics.


For the final category I had to look at Process/ Mark making and Imagination and with this I chose to look at the imagination aspect of it and see what sort of patterns/ images I could create through my own imagination.

After creating the 10 distinct drawings for each heading (30 drawings in total) I had to then create 3, 3 page books out of A3 pages in which I explored a range of compositions from a given list such with words such as repetition, intensity, pattern etc.

Documentation / Observation – Compositional Aesthetics (Book 1)

 Contrast (Left) – Overlapping/ Layered (Right) Unity/ Harmony (Left) – Emphasis (Right) Empty space (Left) – Kaleidoscopic (Right) Repetition (Left) – Eroded/ Traces (Right)Organised (Left)  – Emphasis (Right)

Inspired by Research Themes/ Archives – Compositional Aesthetics (Book 2)

 Unity/ Harmony (Left) – Movement (Right) Awkward (Left) – Pattern (Right) Scale (Left) – Juxtaposition (Right)

Repetition (Left) – Empty space (Right)

Process/ Mark making/ Imagination – Compositional Aesthetics (Book 3)

Contrast (Left) – Traces/ Eroded (Right) Empty Space (Left) – Unity/ Harmony (Right) Repetition (Left) – Spontaneity (Right)

Focal Point (Left) – Scale (Right)