Week 3 :: Chris Jordan


Chris Jordan is an American photographic artist that looks at social issues conveying these through documentary style imagery. He has worked on numerous series that look at the effect of human consumption on the planet including an Albatross series which highlights the rise in these animals decrease due to plastic. I decided to focus on the series named ‘Intolerable Beauty’ which is a series of images showing the various discarded materials that make their way into landfill but on a larger, more intense scale, showing the overwhelming number of items in a natural and honest way. This work has been created to portray the idea of how we as consumers collectively produce this excess waste but are completely unknown to each other which sees the identification of who is to blame completely anonymous. This can be seen in relation to the composition of these images, with there being no focus on a particular aspect of the image as well as the photography being taken from a distance which therefore makes the viewer have to take a deeper focus on what the image is of.  

I found this imagery engaging and inspiring, with the photographer looking at these subjects but conveying them in a pure and clear format that allows the viewer to fully understand the concept behind the imagery as well as the possibility to question and build their own interpretation. Photography in this style would work well with story I want to build in my magazine with impactful and thought-provoking images.

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