Magazine Research :: Visual Identity

Novembre Magazine 


Novembre magazine is a independent, biannual publication that showcases artists and their talent to explore modern culture. They use engaging imagery through the magazine that challenge controversial idealisms as-well as covering topics like fashion and art. Originating from Sweden the magazines visual identity reflects the complexity and exuberance of the art pieces that are featured. Through examining this magazine, it is evident that using minimal text has allowed the power expressed from the photography and outrageous graphics is enough to carry this magazine to highly established platform. As a magazine they have described themselves as being able to make the ugly beautiful, challenging the idea of ‘bad taste. These images are a true reflection of the conceptual story pieces and adaptation of ideas to which is expressed through forms of imagery including still life, candid photography and generated graphics. Much like Rouge and The September Issues, there is a strong identity shown through colour, with November looking strongly as vivid, distorted colours to ensure that every page is impactful. Unlike, the previous magazines, although described as showcasing fashion in addition to art and music, this is not evident throughout the pages in terms of photography. The visual identity of all the magazines have a distinct fashion identification in contrast to Novembre which is reflected in a more conceptual approach.

Novembre Magazine is priced at £14 an issue, which places it in the lower sector within the market making it on of the more affordable magazines. It runs at an A3 format with higher quality gloss paper throughout the magazine, making the overall thickness of the publication to be relatively thick, comparing itself to Chaos Sixety Nine. 

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