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Christine Ay Tjoe is another featured Artist that was presenting their work at the White Cube. Work under ‘Black, kcalB, Black, kcalB’ were created using multimedia presented on large scale and smaller scale canvas, similar to Almonds. Tjoe’s pieces are a representation of the possibility of living with darkness inside an individual’s sub conscious. Using oil paintings and aluminium plates, Tjoe creates conceptual imagery that captivates the audience through provoking intensive thought and consideration. The installations explore the integration of darkness into human nature, which I feel is relative to the idea in which I will manifest my publication from. Sustainability and consumption, specifically waste is considered as second nature in modern society.

Saatchi Gallery


Roman Stanczak, a polish artist has created several standout pieces that are presented in the Saatchi gallery, exploring materialistic transformation and the demise of their natural state. Seen in Figure 12 and 13, these pieces are noted to be a representation of life of souls that the object that he is presenting. He uses distortion to convey the harshness of complex mental states, using materials such as wood and metal to express the rigid embodiment of and individuals psych. These elusive symbolisations of objects have helped develop conceptual techniques into representing possible objects or materials for engaging photography that will feature in my publication.  Using objects and materials allows the viewer/reader to observe and integrate their own view or opinion into the work to add further meaning and conceptualisation to these installations. 

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