My physical portfolio

Here is my finished physical portfolio!! I decided to go with a simple but clean faux leather portfolio with interchangeable sleeves. The folder also has a pockets at the front where my CV and postcards fit perfectly! I decided to have postcards because I wanted to use a visual on my cards and I felt an A6 postcard would best present an image. I am also happy with the overall finish of the paper used, its smooth and has a slight matte effect.

Here are a few examples of the work I have decided to show in my portfolio along with the layout I designed. I am very happy with it and feel it best represents me as a brand. I have ensured my branding is consistent throughout along with my business cards and online portfolio and social media platform. I’m so happy I found this folder as the pages do not have a ring binding in the middle to ensure the images are disturbed but they are still interchangeable.

Online Presence

For my online presence, apart from my portfolio I decided that I would create an instagram page which I named @isabellafashcomms. I feel this will be very beneficial for me as my work has been and will be very visual as I intend to specialise in buying and merchandising. The images on my personal Instagram account is currently very similar to my swap account due to the fact that I feel i’ve wanted to show the content of this project in particular as it’s something that i’m proud of and feel is very current in the industry. I have experimented and learned from many new techniques during my final major project and feel my Instagram account is a great place to display my outcomes. I have also attached my online portfolio to my bio which sends you straight to my official page –


Careers Database

I regularly save job advertisements from social platforms such as Linked In of companies I would like to work for. This database is a list of companies I find most interesting and where I feel my skills will be benefited in terms of their work strategy and specialisms.

Online Portfolio Research

When researching potential layouts for my online portfolio these were the three that stood out the most for me and it’s clear to see that there is a patterned in what I am looking to do for my own. I really like the idea of having an image fill the screen on the homepage to make an impact. As I have made a video as a part of my final major project I feel a video that plays automatically that fills the screen would be very good opening to my online portfolio.

Promotional Material: Business Cards + Portfolio

Firstly I wanted to ensure I knew what colour palette I wanted to represent myself and to carry out throughout all my promotional material as my own branding. I have decided that light pink will be the main colour of my branding as its feature throughout my final major project which will be a large part of my portfolio. I have created a mood board of various existing business cards that I inspire mine to be like. I want my overall branding to be clean and clear with a slight character to it, so that it stands out.

Researching simple but innovative ways to create an interesting business card such as laser cutting, embossing and the use of different materials. I particularly love the example where the outline of the card is coloured therefore, when multiply cards are all held together it creates a beautiful iridescent effect.

I also began thinking of various ways I would like present my portfolio. There are now so many different ways that people are presenting their portfolios such as using boxes, as a zine or just clipped together. I wanted to ensure the way I present mine is the best way to reflect my work, I will also ensure that the pages are interchangeable. Therefore, I can move things around dependent on the company that I am applying for and what work they do or are interested in. I have created a mood board with examples I have found of ways to present your portfolio from existing professionals that I will consider for my own portfolio.

My portfolio will include various specialisms as I have specialised in visual promotion during my last year of university. It will feature case studies that include styling, photographs, video, websites and socials media platforms created by myself. After researching over methods of presenting a portfolio I feel the ring binder portfolio will best represent my work. It is easily interchangeable and clearly presented.