Swap – Online Promotion

Swap’s main source of advertisement and promotion will be through its official Instagram account @swapwithapurpose. This account will feature all of Swap’s content along with extra images a videos sharing useful information on ways to benefit the environment along with interesting facts about the industry. I also felt it was important as I am promoting sustainability for most of the Swap advertisement to be online to ensure there is no paper waste.

When looking at how to advertise the swap website I was sure that I wanted to advertise the short film on the television as I feel the video would have the greatest impact on larger screen. I also took into account my target audience which is the millennial demographic and it has been said that due to new technology we tend to spend most of our time looking at smaller screens such as iphones and ipads. With this in mind, I have ensured that the video works just as well on a mobile screen and is large enough to make an impact.

As my target market for this website are known to live and breathe social media and that’s why I decided that it was essential for the platform to have its own official Instagram page. However, due to the many social media platforms available I decided to mock up an example of the Swap platform on Facebook as a preview of how it would be advertised with the easy shopping accessibility.

I also feel a beneficial platform for Swap to be advertised is YouTube. In my mock up example I have chosen a clothes haul to demonstrate the types of videos that my advertisement will be beneficial. Clothes haul videos are about showing their viewers how many things they have bought from fast fashion retailers and how little they paid for them, these videos’ encourage over consumption and hopefully if advertising my promo video ahead of them will inspire others to reconsider the source of their clothing.


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