Wash Less Editorial + Research

A few changes to everyone’s washing habits could greatly improve the environment and create some large benefits. When washing on the lowest temperature possible it cuts CO2 emissions and saves energy. Investigated by Levi Strauss, one pair of Levi’s 501 jeans used a total of 3,480.5 liters of water through its life cycle and home washing alone accounted for 2,000 liters! These results have inspired Levi’s to launch their own campaign, encouraging customers to change their washing habits to benefit the environment. The environment have suffered disaster due to water shortage such as the disappearance of a sea (Aral Sea). Therefore, changing habits such as lowering the temperature and washing less could not only save energy and money it will also have a positive impact on the environment.

“Washing at a low temperature not only saves energy and money – it also helps keep your clothes looking good for longer.” – Philip Malpass Director General, UKCPI


“With the average student spending over £500 per year on energy usage, we’re delighted to support the I prefer 30 campaign to help raise awareness of how students can save money on their energy usage while doing their bit for the environment as well.” – Dom Anderson NUS Vice President of Society and Citizenship

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