Source Sustainably Shoot

When researching and thinking of an idea for my third editorial I wanted to focus on my main reason for my project, which is encouraging a change within the younger demographics’ over consumption and shopping habits. Whilst walking through the streets of Brighton and seeing all the various charity/second hand shops I decided to focus my editorial on ‘Sourcing Sustainably’.

Encouraging the audience to shop around and find rare pieces and discover your own unique style. When having to search for clothing to find a piece that works for you, a different appreciation for fashion is developed and respect for clothing. My next steps for this shoot is to find a shop that I feel will work best for this shoot that features interesting decor. I have decided for this shoot I’m going to focus on the location, unique items and their surroundings.


I also photographed the shoot with a coloured film camera and I am very happy with the outcome. I feel the effect from the film camera really suited the aesthetic of the shoot and worked very well.


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