Updating My CV

This was my original CV before I started to think about updating it as I get closer to the end of my degree and looking to start applying for full time work in the fashion industry. I was told that it would make a great difference if it could all be fitted on one page, keeping the necessary information and getting rid of any repeated skills. I also felt I needed to give it my own personal branding, making it cohesive with my other promotional material and ensure it stands out from the crowd.

I feel my new updated CV is a much better representation of myself and my work. I have chosen to only include the work experience that is valuable to my chosen specialism and have ensured no skills have been duplicated as some were very similar. I have used the same font which I have used on all my promotional material and incorporated the pink lines which is also used throughout my branding. I am very happy with my updated CV, I feel it’s original and clearly includes all the important information I need to start applying for full time roles. I have also included my social media handles and online portfolio to use as my contact information as I feel it looks more professional.




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