Conceptual Sustainability Video

Not only did I want to create a colourful and bright campaign I also wanted to create a short clip that is conceptual and portrays the beauty of nature. Many campaigns and clips that are currently in the media are showing the problems within the industry, bad working environments, masses of clothing left in landfill and endless animal cruelty videos to name a few. I wanted to create a film that represents the beauty that we currently have in the world, the places that we may one day loose if fast fashion is to carry on the way it currently is. This film will be made up of short clips representing a part that fashion needs to consider and things that are slowly but fiercely being threatened by the industry. My hopes for this film is to have short, effective clips with a narrator explaining their worth in the background. 

Don’t Throw Away Your Denim

The fashion industry is now one of the largest, most polluting, wasteful industries in the world. The industry is so reliant on energy-intensive manufacturing it could mean catastrophic environmental consequences.  When it comes to different fabrics and the use of different techniques and processes through its supply chain, the denim industry is by far one of the main causes of serve environmental issues and threatening concerns in the world.  Therefore, the industry needs to guarantee a circular economy, “one that moves beyond fashion’s linear model of take, make and waste, to close the loop.”    Isabella Salini, Disseration. ‘Can denim be sustainable?’, 2019.

I wanted to create a shoot that encouraged people not to throw away their clothing, and as denim is one of the most polluting fabrics in the fashion industry I decided to revolve the shoot around denim.

This denim photoshoot and film I managed to collected 8 pairs of denim jeans from friends and family. I saw these boards and thought the pastel colour would really compliment the denim, creating a strong aesthetic. I dressed the model in a denim jacket I bought from a second hand vintage store for half the price in comparison to a current high street store denim jacket. I used minimal make up as I wanted the focus to be on the colour of the denim which also enhanced her blue eyes.



Throughout my initial research I was looking at various types of photography, trying to get the feel of what outcomes would be best suited for my website. Along with that I was also looking into sustainable advertisement videos such as Monki’s close the loop and Stella McCartney’s sustainability video of which inspired me the most. My aim was to find a common ground between the two, combining conceptual nature clips with bold bright colours accompanied by an encouraging narrative.

The first test shoot in a studio using a plain background featuring clothing swapped through friends and bought from charity shops to show the creative side of using second hand clothing to create fashionable and unique looks. However, my vision was to make a bolder statement therefore I experimented by adding coloured backdrops which I felt transformed the photographs. Shortly after this, I decided to go in a slightly different direction in terms of my outcomes featured on the website. I originally thought of doing one long video that featured on the swap platform but further into my research and experimentation I’ve decided that I am going to go down a different route as I feel I want to display the beauty of nature in one conceptual film as the promotional video for the platform. But, I want to ensure that I remain with my initial reasons for creating the swap platform and include fun, bold and informative elements so I have decided I will also create editorials to feature on the website.

Colour Shoot

I wanted to a mini shoot that explored the colours I want to incorporate into the clip. Bold, bright colours and patterns against bold and textured backgrounds. I wanted to do a practice/quick shoot to experiment with colour and styling, also ensuring when I film that the location is appropriate for the narrative of the clip. I thought this blue background and the texture from the paint peeling off perfectly complemented the knit clothing.




“Honestly, I always knew that fast fashion was a bad business, but I was wilfully ignorant so that I didn’t have to give up my shopping addiction that felt baked into my personality” – Arden Rose, Fashion Revolution


Edited Studio Shoot

I decided that I wanted to create the images from the shoot much bolder, the gel lighting didn’t create the strong colour effect that I wanted. Therefore, using photoshop I edited my strongest images, adding block coloured backgrounds to create bright and bold images. I want to use these images primarily for the social media aspect of the campaign, ensuring the bold colours are represented throughout. I will experiment further with these images, I feel they would also be suitable to create collages, and gifs for the social media and online presence of the campaign.



Stella McCartney – Sustainability

‘A new visual identity has been imagined by contemporary photographer Viviane Sassen. Our goal is to convey the symbiotic nature of humans, nature and animals and illustrate that in order to fully protect and care for ourselves we must also nurture and protect the world that we live in as we are one and the same. Through this visual language, we hope to highlight our many innovative and forward-thinking sustainable practices.’ Stella McCartney – World of Sustainability

This conceptual video represents the launch of Stella McCartney’s World of Sustainability. It is a platform that is dedicated to inform the consumers of all the sustainable practices in the brand. I love how it’s a very peaceful film, using natural light along with the added bright colours of the plastic shapes reflecting from the sun. It shows beautiful landscapes, promoting nature in it’s best light along with the powerful movements of the colourful fabrics in the wind. The close ups of the human form tastefully represent the symbiotic nature of humans, reminding us that we must protect ourselves as well as the world we live in. I love the close ups of the nature and the sea, I feel it gives a calm representation of the problems in the industry. I initially envisioned my campaign to have a livelier feel than this specific video, although it has opened my mind to the possibility of exhibiting a conceptual approach. This will represented the positive outcomes rather than the negative effects.


Monki – The Lazy Loop

The lazy loop is a campaign by Monki to encourage people to recycle their clothing, offering a system where you can drop off any clothing at their stores and they will recycle them for you. They’re promoting the lazy loop ‘support good materials – was cooler – recycle repeat’.

‘Life moves in circles, fashion should too. Enter the Lazy Loop: easy ways to make fashion more sustainable. From things we’re working on at Monki, to things you can do as a fashion lover and things we can do together.’

This campaign video features a mixture of various, young, fashion forward individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. I love how the campaign uses bright, bold colours to attract attention and I feel it targets the millennial demographic perfectly. I will take inspiration from this campaign video, using interesting locations, bright colours and young, various individuals to engage with the millennial target audience to promote the reuse of clothing to benefit the environment and their future.