Idea 2

An event for Fashion Revolution promoting sustainable fashion brands and new innovative materials to encourage consumers to source sustainably and educate them in the future of fashion. The event will include a range of sustainable brands that will be presenting their collections on the catwalk and also answering any questions and selling items during the event. There will be guest speakers including fashion environmental activist giving their opinions and sharing their knowledge on the current fashion global situation. This is aiming to raise awareness of fast fashion and over consumption, hearing the truth about the current situation in the fashion industry from experts will hopefully encourage change.

One of the main communications for the event will be a poster that will be presented through London in store windows, billboards and tube stations which ensures plenty of footfall. There will also be a press release that will be sent to many editors to certify press coverage of the event.

As Facebook is Fashion Revolution’s most followed social media platform we will be using Facebook as our main platform along with Instagram and Twitter. Updating on any new guests/brands that are joining the event. These platforms will also be used to upload live videos of the guest speakers, catwalks etc.


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