Idea 1

A Campaign for  H&M, encouraging people to take part in re-using clothes and host swap parties to help reduce waste within the fashion industry.

The campaign will include a swap page on the brands website with information regarding the benefits of swapping clothing instead of engaging in constant consumption of cheap, unethically sourced clothing. It will encourage, in particular, the younger demographic to host their own swap parties with friends and a quick guide on how to do so. The campaign will also have a launch event that will consist of a large swap party located in London with music, drinks and socialising. This event aims to show individuals that a swapping clothing can be a fun, sociable event that brings people together. Before the launch of the event there will be a press release sent to numerous editors to ensure the press coverage of the campaign. The campaign’s visuals will be colourful with a modern aesthetic. Portraying the beautiful colours of nature instead of the ‘unfashionable’ colours associated with eco fashion and recycling, attracting people with its bright visuals, in particularly young millennials (18-25).

The swap campaign will be advertised on all the main social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook with Instagram used as the main source of advertisement.

How to host your own Swap Party

How to host your own swap party? A clothing swap party is a great reason to gather your friends together for an evening of drinks, music, nibbles and plenty of socialising. At a swap party, each of your attendees bring an agreed upon amount of clothing/accessories to the event where they can be swapped. While you might be tired of your spotty blouse it may just be what your friend has been looking for.


Step One

– Deciding where you’re going to host your party?

– Who are you going to invite?

– Setting some ground rules! Make sure your guests are aware they can only  as many clothing as they brought to the event.


Step Two

Setting everything up.

– Make sure you have something to hang the clothing such as a clothing rail. You don’t want your guests having to look through a pile of clothing on the sofa. Don’t be afraid to move furniture around to make it more accessible.

– Suppling drinks and snacks

– If you can, provide and area for people to try on the clothes.


Step Three


A swap party is about bringing people together and having fun whilst also helping to reduce the waste caused by over consumption and throw away fashion culture.

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