Fashion & Sustainability – Design For A Change

Fashion & Sustainability – Design For A Change written by Kate Fletcher and Lynda Grose

This book taught me about all the new ways within the fashion industry that can be changed to be eco friendly and sustainable.

Part 1 includes the transformation of fashion products from materials and processes to distribution and disposal. Using, for example, low water fibres to reduce water waste instead of water-intensive fabrics. Colouring fabrics without the use of harsh chemicals and dyes and educating readers on predator friendly fibers. In Part 2 the book talks about transforming fashion systems – “However much we innovate and act to improve the sustainability credentials of a piece of clothing, the benefits brought by these changes are always restricted by the production systems and business models that market and sell the garment and by the behaviour of the person who buys it”. This statement stood out to me, not only does the businesses who are in charge of the supply chain and the fabrics and processes used to make the clothing are the sole cause for the need of change within the industry but the consumer habits and wants that have developed.

Part 3 then talks about how the designer is a big influence in regards to the material world. Designers applying their skills to develop a sustainable design practice. I found this book very interesting, learning about the new practise and processes of sustainability that will hopefully become the ‘norm’ within the fashion industry.

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