Fashioned by Nature

Fashioned by Nature is an exhibition in the V&A, London. It presents fashionable clothing alongside natural history, new innovative fabrics and the dyeing processes of the materials and fabrics.  The exhibition is inviting people to see and think about the sources and the manufacturing aspects of their clothing.

I was particularly interested in the effects caused by the dyeing of the fabrics and the new solution to reduce the environmental effects. ‘Colorifix aims to create a low-water, pollution-free method of dyeing. Their solution relies on modifying microorganisms using synthetic biology such that they can produce, develop and fix dyes to the fabric’”.

It was also very interesting to see the new innovative and sustainable fabrics that have been invented in the last couple of years. Nike launched their Flyknit Racer trainers back in 2012. Using computer technology to ensure the most minimal waste. The Flyleather uses 90% less water used to create the trainers and reduced carbon footprint by 80% in comparison to traditional leather.

The exhibition portrayed the eight issues in the fashion industry. The contemporary issues caused by the production and waste of clothing. These elements need to be addressed before it is too late. Every aspect needs to be re-thought and changed by using manufacturing methods that limit waste, use less hazardous chemicals and follow the fair trade movement.

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