For this project I decided to look at photoshop in the fashion industry and how it gives people false expectation of what their appearance should look like. Every fashion magazine will re-touch their images in one way or another, whether it’s airbrushing the skin or completely transforming a figure, they are all experts in deceving us making us believe what we see is the truth.

I started researching how to photoshop images and found out how simple it was. Using an iPhone app such as ‘air-brush’ that allows you to transform a face with one click of a button. Should it be this simple?!

This part of the app is called the ‘magic tool’. It gives you the option to lighten or darken the skin, enlarge and brighten the eyes, slim the face and smooth the skin. If it’s this easy to do does this mean everyones social media pictures are altered? Is today’s society pressuring us to look a cetrain way? a way that is unatainbale without editing.

I wanted to create a poster to try and show people the difference between a natural face and what we see on social media today. Encouringing people to embrace their natural beauty and stop inspiring to look like the unrealisitc goals we see in magazines and adverts.