Work Experience with Corgi Hosiery

This summer I was lucky enough to get some work experience for a couple weeks in Corgi Hosiery factory which based in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, conveniently my home town. Corgi is a family-run business, established in 1892. Corgi specialises in producing top-quality, fine gauge cashmere and cotton socks featuring eye-catching colourways and quirky patterns and motifs. They also make knitwear such as cardigans, jumpers, scarfs and hats.

I learnt many skills whilst being at Corgi, from the financial side of the business to the manufacturing of the products.

Final Lookbook & Manifesto

I am very pleased with how my final lookbook came out. I kept the pages white and minimal keeping the focus on the images. I loved creating the different looks for each trend and choosing the locations to represent each photograph. The photography aspect of the lookbook was something I haven’t got much experience in, I really enjoyed it and i’m looking forward to learning more in the future.


Founded in 1968 Jill Sander is a high end luxury brand, known for our classic style and elegant touch we have successfully created a respectful, recognizable label. Our latest fall 2016 womenswear collection is filled with monochrome, minimal and pure pieces that designer Rodolfo Paglialunga interpreted the house founder’s style. The collection also includes a look best described as artificial surfaces, with glossy metallic raincoats and beautiful silk fabrics. Fashion is an ever changing industry, new trends come and go with different influences that emerge from anything imaginable. Designers and brands take ideas from each other but always manage to give their brands their own unique style that keeps them recognizable. We have managed as a brand to keep the house founder’s look for the label but also managed to keep up with the new and turn around trends that come and go from season to season.


The anti-fashion campaign for Jill Sander is to take risks, break the rules of the brands classic look. Create looks that people wouldn’t usually associate as a Jill Sander collection. Maybe this is what the brand needs, to send a big message through this campaign showing that we are ready to try different things and take the brand in new direction. This campaign includes a look book with my new ideas for the brands new image. As Jill Sanders clothing includes many neutral colours and materials that aren’t too bold to create the collections I have decided to add texture and a louder more vibrant colour palette into brand. We want to achieve a fresh image for the brand and a variety of pieces that stand out as being a rule breaker for the company by doing something completely different to its original recognizable style. The brand is a known, recognized label but not so popular with the younger generation due to its minimalistic, classic style and with the fashion industry testing all limits the competition between brands are fierce, I thought the brand as whole needed to try something new and hopefully create a larger target market and relate to all generations.


With the four trends researched and collected for the look book I have created a collection of images that relates to the trends. The four trends were Iridescent/Reflection, Dystopia, Tweaky Punks and Geometric Structure. These four trends each have their own colour palette which is bold and will be clearly seen in the images. I represented texture and colour in the images by using different methods of showing texture and pattern through clothing, fabric and the location of the photographs. Colours being presented in rusted old furniture, modern glass structures and bright, vibrant fabrics. The purpose of this campaign is to re-brand Jill Sander by creating an anti-fashion look book to attract a wider audience and test the limits the brand could potentially take.

Anti-Fashion Lookbook

Photography and Styling Shoot (Anti-Fashion)

Using all the trends made by individuals in my group I had to create different looks for my campaign referring back to the trends. The two trends made by myself are translucent/iridescent and modern architecture, focusing on modern materials and blue/silver tones. The other two trends are dystopia which focuses on dark colours and distressed pieces, the last trend is tweaky punks.

For the location of my shoot I decided to shoot every trend in different location so that every trend was clearly presented. After the iridescent shoot that you saw in my last post I focused on the punk trend, after brainstorming different ideas for the location I decided to go with two simple urban backdrops and bringing the influences of punk into the clothing and the attitude of the model.




Using leather, lace and ripped denim to incorporate the punk attitude, showing a glimpse of a piercing and a cigarette to give the images that subtle punk behaviour. I decided to make the photographs black and white to concentrate on the textures in the images.

The next shoot focused on the modern trend. I found these glass stairs which I thought would be a perfect location to shoot the modern trend, with the sharp edged architecture and light blue tones. The model is wearing a blue leather jacket paired white skinny jeans and a sleek ponytail.



I manipulated the images, adding extra brightness and strengthening the blue colours.

The last trend is the dystopian trend. With this trend I decided to only take little idea’s from the mood board, I used the colour palette (dark browns and black) but also added some brighter colours that were present in the backdrop of the photographs. I found this pile of wasted metals, old radiators and gates that had rusted leaving a burnt orange colours, I thought this was perfect for this trend.



I styled the model in a feathered  black jacket, knee high leather boots and a pair of black jeans that I dyed to create this destroyed/distressed look. The backdrop reflects the destroyed aspect of the trend.