Introduction to Fashion Drawing and Interaction

For this module we have been assigned to create a Fanzine of our own. Beginning our research from a song, poem, story, image etc, and to create a visiual zine made from illustration or photography. I decided to begin my research on a poem called ‘the hand that signed the paper’ by Dylan Thomas. I chose this poem as it tells a story with a meaning to each line, which I think could be very interesting to explore and create my own take on it using the mixed media of drawing and photography. Hopefully this gives me the chance to expand my photography and drawing capabilities.

‘The hand that signed the paper felled a city;
Five sovereign fingers taxed the breath,
Doubled the globe of dead and halved a country;
These five kings did a king to death.

The mighty hand leads to a sloping shoulder,
The fingers’ joints are cramped with chalk;
A goose’s quill has put an end to murder
That put an end to talk.

The hand that signed the treaty bred a fever,
And famine grew, and locusts came;
Great is the hand that holds dominion over
Man by a scribbled name.

The five kings count the dead but do not soften
The crusted wound nor stroke the brow;
A hand rules pity as a hand rules heaven;
Hands have no tears to flow.’

Final Images

After playing around with photoshop trying out different methods and techiniques on the images I created the final outcomes. Using the laso tool to cut out the model I could place anywhere I wanted to create  the unrealistic effect on the images, using size and proportion as the main focus.

done 2

Using the shard as the preception of size, and also recflection. I think it’s clever how you can create the preception that she is as tall as the buliding but realisticly she is much smaller. I used the exposure and saturation to change the colour of her skin so that it has the glossy, pale, ‘glass like’ look as the shard to tie them together.

In the next image I used symmetric lines to create a geometric effect. Placing the lines over the model whilst she’s standing in a powerfull position looking over the buiding.

final 1

In this image the woman has the power over the building, with the thick, sharp eyebrows making her look some what dangerous. added the faint light blue box around the woman to tie the three images together and I find it adds slight character to the background which helps you focus on the model as she is small in comparison to the architecture.

Here I focused on the face, capturing the make-up and hair styles in it’s best light. I encouporated all three aspects into the image.

double face final

I cut out pieces of the achitecture into geometric shapes and added them onto the model. The image on the right is soft with elements of the gherkin which worked well with the diamond eyebrows and simple hair bun. On the right the image is much sharper with the heavy eye make up and the structured building with the added lines layering the left image.