Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition

A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit the LV series 3 exhibiton in London where Nicolas Ghesquière’s inspirations for the Fall 2015 women show as the Artistic Director for women’s collections was displayed. The expirience was surreal to not only get to see the pieces but to get involved and really appreciate the work that had gone into creating the collection and also the exhibition itself. I was very impressed with the way the exhibtion was displayed, it was cleverly thought out allowing us as viewers to get an insite on how the luxury brand creates it’s iconic bags and catwalk pieces.

Here are some images I took in one of the rooms which was definitely my favourite.

Using sculptures of mannequins dressed in the collection but completely white then adding the physical coloured accessories was genius. Your eyes were drawn instantly to the pieces, with the white walls and white mannequins the colours and textures of the accessories were shown to their greatest potential.

We then had the pleasure of witnessing a bag being made by hand which really made you appreciate the hard work that was used to create just one Louis Vuitton bag. Using fine attention to detail, one box clutch bag called the ‘Petite Malle’ french for ‘small trunk’  takes up to 30 hours to assemble, this greatly puts into perspective the hard work used to create a luxury LV piece. They had displayed a replica of the laser-driven machine that was used to laser cut each individual section of the bag in a dark room with lit up bright laser lights, this ensured your eyes were focused on the display.



The last room in the exhibiton was filled with the fall 2015 collection. They were all placed on hangers so that we could actually touch the garments, this was amazing! When I usually drool over the collections in magazines or on the computer in the exhibtion you got to feel the pieces and appreciate the clothing on a different level.


After the memorable experience in the exhibtion, at the end there was a wonderful cafe looking over a beautifu view of the city where we got to take a poster and a sticker of a piece of the collection with us which everyone seemed very pleased about! As we walked out the room was filled with professional images taken of the collection and a little both where you could have a photo.


Over all the experience was enjoyable and inspiring and I would recommend anyone interested in fashion to see. The exhibtion shows clearer thar Louis Vuitton has kept it’s strong place in the fashion industry for over a century and are continuing to amaze us today.