Semiotics: Proxemics Photography

To explore proxemics I decided to explore street photography. I used photography to record crowds of people and the distances between members of the public. This was the first time I had every tried to do street photography and initially I found it to be very challenging. Often when taking photographs individuals would move out of the way or the camera and start acting unnatural, therefore making it difficult to record individuals natural behaviour.



From my selection of photographs I chose the ones that were most successful, showing how individuals naturally move around in a space with other individuals, and edited the images. I made all of the images black and white, this was because some photographs had certain individuals stand out as a focal point due to them wearing brightly coloured clothing or having brightly coloured hair, as the focus of my photography is to analyse how individuals stand in relation to one another I needed to ensure my photography was focusing on a group of individuals instead of drawing attention to one. Finally my images were also cropped to further focus on the spaces between individuals.