Semiotics: Library Research

Whilst browsing photography magazines at the library I came across the following work by two separate artists. I believe that the work produced by Simon Menner relates to the topic of the semiotics of body language as in his work he is playing with changing the meaning of his images through juxtaposition.

Role Models by Simon Menner

The work of Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa focuses on body language, specifically facial expressions. The closely cropped images strip the images of their context, however the context that these images were all taken at political rallies.

White Noise by Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

White Noise by Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

Both artists work have a strong political message behind them, which is not something I intend on pursuing within my own work, however the way that they have used semiotics to change the meaning behind images is extremely interesting and a technique I could utilise within my own project.

Grids: Page Layout Research

Brief: To develop an understanding of the use of grid systems in graphic design and to develop and awareness of spacial arrangement, structure, harmony and graphic coherence.

Part 1: Produce mood sheets of visual research relating to grid systems and master grids. Include technical advice and sensitive and refined graphic design page layouts.

Part 2: Produce thumbnail double spread sketches based on Joseph Muller-Brockman’s master grid and Karl Gerstner’s 58 unit grid. 

Part 3: Create 3 different double page spread designs using the same material and the master grids provided. The first spread should consist of text with 1-2 large images including captions, the second spread should consists of text with 3-5 medium images including captions, and finally the third spread should consists of text with 3-5 small images including captions. 

To begin this project I visited a number of sites to collect research on publication and layout design, some of the sites visited included Behance, It’s Nice That and Creative Review. Below are a series of mood sheets I produced documenting my finds.

Designs I found myself particularly drawn to were ones where images or text would go right up to the edge of the page, text and images would be printed going across the two pages, text had being overlaid on top of an image, layouts playing with the orientation of top, and layouts where not all the elements were perfectly aligned. I would like to incorporate some of these features when it comes to producing my thumbnail double page spread sketches.