Explain: Improvements Typography

In my video I decided that using moving imagery of my mobile wouldn’t be enough to convey the information about the five stages of sleep, as the only information on the mobile is the brain wave activity scans for each stage of the sleep cycle. I felt it was essential to add textual information to my video however I did not want to simply add frames of digital text as this would not integrate well with the abstract nature of the imagery.

As I wanted my video to be mainly imagery based and easy to understand I began by reducing the information for each stage of the sleep cycle down to it’s basic keywords. I then printed these keywords off and distorted them with a scanner. Not only did this make the type more abstract but it also gave the type an eerie unusual nature similar to that of dreams.

Once I had experimented with distorting the keywords I choose the most successful distortion of each keyword, the distortion that best balance legibility with interesting forms, and refine the scan in Photoshop. I refined the scans by cropping them down and then increasing the contrast to improve clarity.


Art of the Accident: Mood Board and Artist Research

Mood board focusing on how elemental forces transform natural environments and man made objects

I created a mood board consisting of images I found online documenting elemental forces and the affect they have on natural environments and man made objects. The photographs include imagery of eroded natural forms due to wind and water, as well as rusted and aged metals. From these images I am particularly intrigued by the effects of elemental forces on man made objects. The combination of natural and man made results in unpredictable results and creates an interesting juxtaposition, for example in the top middle image the typography on the metal plate has been warped in unpredictable ways by nature.

Research into artists who have explored destruction, weathering and erosion within their work

I have collected work by a variety of artists which I feel embody the weathered aesthetic or embrace the weathering process. The two images on the far left are posters that have been pasted on top of one another and then ripped through, meaning parts of the posters beneath are visible, this creates unpredictable designs that blend both of the posters together. Other images I have included feature typography distorted through water, weathered prints, and broken typography, all embodying an aged or distorted aesthetic.

From these pieces of work I am particularly intrigued by the use of print. I enjoy using print as a technique for producing imagery as it can be unpredictable and allows for experimentation. Using a printing technique such as monoprinting would suit my work as it allows for textural and unpredictable imagery.