New Years

For 2017 my new years resolution is to develop a greater presence online in regards to my design work. I have previously attempted to do this in past years however constantly fell behind on updating my online accounts and therefore gave up. However due to maintaining this blog as part of my course I have now got into the habit of constantly photographing and uploading work so I am eager to start transferring this work onto other websites. By posting work online I hope it will motivate me even more to achieve great final outcomes for project, as I want to make them worthy of showing the world, also I hope this will help to publicise my work.

The sites I intend to upload my work to are; Behance (a website for creative professionals to share their portfolios), Tumblr (a microblogging and social networking platform), Facebook (a multimedia social media platform), Twitter (a multimedia social media platform) and Instagram (a social media platform focusing on photography and videos.) I have been quite ambitious with this list in order to motivate myself, the sites however I will prioritise are Behance as it is focusing specifically on professional in design, and Facebook and Tumblr as they are multimedia platforms so are flexible in the types of work I can upload.

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