Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a fictional television anthology series created by Charlie Brooker and released in 2011. Each episode has a different storyline and cast however they all follow a similar concept, they explore the dark unexpected consequences that could be caused by the introduction of new technologies to modern society. In one episode for example they looked how future technology may allow use to retain all of our memories digitally which we could then revisit and analyse, and how this could lead to relationships being destroyed between people as individuals became obsessed with analysing past events which would otherwise be forgotten. Another example would be an episode where social hierarchy is completely dictated by how popular you are online, although this is relevant today the episode takes this idea and develops it to cover all aspects of society and everyday life.

The series raises many questions about human behaviour and the ethics and responsibilities we hold when it comes to technology. These issues raised caused me to also think about the ethics in design and more closely thinking about the consequences of design on society. In cultural and critical studies we cover many issues presented within design that have an effect on society such as feminism, sexism and racism, and although the consequences of these issues are much less extreme than the ones presented in Black Mirror, they still have a notable effect.

In conclusion I really enjoyed the concept of this series, although some episodes don’t have a particularly strong storyline the over idea behind the series causes you to think more carefully about your actions and future.

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  • 28/03/2017 at 09:01

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  • 18/04/2017 at 05:20

    That’s amazing series. Thanks for bringing up such series as these are different from other ones. While watching it feels like you are one of the parts of the series. You don’t get alternative options. You just become so curious to watch the next episode as the episode always ends with a dramatic end. So, waiting for gor the next series to release soon.


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