Typographic Emphasis


Scale, Weight and Disposition





Brief: Using a tabloid and broadsheet newspaper we had to select examples of 4 different forms of typographic emphasis; size, weight and disposition. We also had to select 16 examples of varying tones of text and display them demonstrating the various tones of text.

This brief was very simple however it allowed me to examine and appreciate ways in which typographic emphasis is made, although I had known about these methods before this task allowed me to be more aware of how this is done by training my eye to look for examples of scale, weight, colour and disposition. I found doing this project alongside the heirachy project and typographic archive very useful as the information I was learning from each was helping to inform the others.

Above are my two A3 sheets, the top image is of my sheet showing 4 examples of size, weight and disposition. We were asked to pay attention to presentation which I found a challenge due to the varying scales of the elements however after many different possibly layouts I decided up the composition below, At the top of the sheet are examples of scale, then weight and finally at the bottom is disposition. This branch like composition enabled the sections to still be separate without creating a rigid layout. The bottom image is my sheet showing 16 examples of tonal colour. I arranged the squares going from lightest (top left) to darkest (bottom right). I found this sheet slightly more challenging in terms of layout in order to make sure the composition was central and evenly spaced.

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