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Brief: The objective of this brief was to develop practical manual studio skills in order to carry out project presentations. We had to produce an A2 presentation board for 4 pieces of mock stationary and a 3 colour pallet, this board also had to have a tracing paper overlay and a paper cover sheet with a label attached to the front.

This brief  appeared to be very simple at first however proved to be technically challenging. Ensuring that all elements were cut straight with a sharp scalpel, stuck firmly down with spray mount and spaced evenly  took up more time than I expected to ensure I would not need to redo the board. I found cutting and attaching the tracing paper overlay and cover sheet to the reverse of the board the hardest part, this was due to the width of the board skewing the elements so that they did not appear to fit the board on the front. However after scoring the fold into the two sheets this helped to fix the issue.

Furthermore I had to design and format a label to be attached to the front of my board. In inDesign I produced the label that can been seen below for this project, I will also continue to use this format in the future for labeling my work. Although simple I made sure to contain all of the information I believed would be essential for others viewing my work. I also applied some of the knowledge I gained from my typographic archive, heirachy and typographic emphasis projects, this was through mixing fonts, scale, weight, alignment and graphic rules.



In conclusion I believe my board was successful, the composition of the elements is ordered and leads your eye, and the assembling of the board appears professional although I did struggle with attaching the tracing paper and cover sheet. However in the future I will now know the correct techniques for efficiently and effectively producing a slick and professional presentation board.



Cover Sheet


Tracing Paper Overlay


Presentation Board

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