Introduction to Darkroom Photography


My Final Black and White Print


Whilst studying my Foundation at college I became interested in darkroom photography and it became an important part of my projects, therefore I was excited to finally be inducted into the darkroom at the university. Although I was familiar with the process the induction was still interesting as I got to learn the printing methods that they use at the university, also I learnt what was achievable within those facilities which will allow me to experiment more with my work in the future.

Using found negatives we spent the day using the projectors to develop a successful 10 x 8 inch print. The negative I chose proved to be a tough negative to work with due to the high contrast erasing some of the details. This meant I spent hours experimenting with exposure times and, dodging and burning the print in order to achieve the detail and contrast I wanted. Although tough to work with, this print helped me revisit some of the skills I had learnt months ago and forgotten. I also began to familiarise myself with the facilities, as at Brighton they use a machine that develops, stops, fixes and dries the prints for you, where as previously I had done all of these steps manually. Also we used contrast filters within the projectors which I had never used in my work before.

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