You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970


Exhibition Photograph by Danielle Wightman-Stone, 2016


‘You Say you Want a Revolution?┬áRecords and Rebels 1966-1970’ is an exhibition currently being hosted at the V&A in London up until 26th February 2017. This exhibition explores the main revolutions that took place in sixties and how they affected society at the time and continue to do so today. The exhibition covers all aspects key to society at the time, including fashion, music, film, design and political movements.

The reason for visiting this exhibition was to seek inspiration and collect primary research for use in our cultural and critical studies essay on how the information presented in text supports the key ideas and concepts presented within a piece of exhibited work. Regardless of the nature of the trip I found this exhibition to be extremely interesting personally and very informative. It was unlike an art exhibition, which is what I was initially expecting and was more like a museum exhibit due to the fact it was laid out chronologically and covered a wide variety of mediums.


CIA UFO by Haphash and the Coloured Coat, 1976

Before attending the exhibition I knew very little about the sixties other than hippies and psychedelic drugs and art. This exhibition however allowed me to see the origins of many social movements that are present today, such as issues to do with feminism and racism. As well as how what was happening at the time affected music, fashion, film and design. What I found particularly interesting about the exhibition was the psychedelic posters on display and how they embodied the free thinking attitude embraced by many members of society, also the influence of psychedelic drugs which were very popular at the time. I have chosen a series of these psychedelic posters produced by the design group ‘Haphash and the Coloured Coat’ for analysis within my essay.

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