Introduction to Mono Printing




Before attending university I possessed experience with the mono printing technique however this workshop introduced me to new methods of working which has now broadened my skill set and opened up new opportunities for exploration within my work in the future. Previously I had experience with mono types and wiped mono types, the process we used in this workshop was similar to wiped mono types however I had never experimented with printing using acetate before or with overlaying the process colours.

In order to produce our prints we applied water based ink in the process colours (cyan, magenta and yellow) to A3 sheets of acetate with a roller. On each acetate we could a different colour and a different design produced using a variety of tools from cotton wool pads to paper stencils. With a press we printed these ink designs onto a single piece of paper, due to the inks being mixed with extended in order to make them more translucent you can see all of the layers through the ink and new colours are produced from the different combinations of overlaid inks.

The design I used was one from my the project I was currently working on at the time, ‘Type is Visual Speech’. My project was based on feminism and the idea of protest and empowerment. On the first layer of my print I used cyan ink with a feminist quote wrote into it with a cotton bud, on the next layer I used magenta ink to form the icon of the feminist movement with I created using cotton wool pads, and finally on the top layer I used yellow ink to create triangular shapes which I did using paper stencils. Triangles were not included in my initial design for the project however as I needed another layer I felt they would be an appropriate addition as dynamic diagonals are used often in propaganda and protest imagery due to the high energy they convey,

The print itself had no impact on my final outcome of my project due to the colours being inappropriate for the message I wanted to convey, however the workshop did allow me to develop my skills in mono printing and experiment within my project.

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