Introduction to Adobe Photoshop


Although before attending this workshop I was confident in using the Adobe Photoshop software I still found it to be very informative and helpful as I learnt shortcuts and techniques which would allow me to produce my work more efficiently and with a higher quality outcome.

We began the workshop by covering the basic principles of screen and print based media, looking at selecting the appropriate resolution and colour mode for each. With print based media needing to be 300 dpi/ppi and in CMYK, and screen based media needing to be 72 dpi/ppi and in RGB. We then moved onto exploring the tools and features available to you within the software such as cropping, colour adjustments, filters, selection tools and blend modes. All of this I already knew however an aspect of Adobe Photoshop I had previously struggled with understanding was layer masks.

Before layer mask

After layer mask

Throughout the workshop we covered how to use a layer mask to apply a texture, how to edit a layer mask and how to make more complex selections. This was extremely useful to me as previously to make complex selections I had been using the magic wand tool set to varying tolerances, however this would never make an accurate selection or produce a refined edge, so now being able to make selections with layer masks will allow me to produce more slick and professional outcomes.

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