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Hello and welcome to the University of Brighton. I’m Irmgard Karl and I’m the Head of the School of Media. The School of Media was formed just a few years ago and covers a very diverse range of subjects, from professionally-accredited journalism all the way to artistic moving image. Along the way, we study sound art, digital music, photography, film and media.

Here at the University, you’ll find yourself immersed in an environment that’s rich in academic research, at the very cutting-edge of understanding of new technologies and the impact of social changes, cultural changes and also environmental changes, alongside staff who are working at the very edges of their critical practice as artists and practitioners.

You’ll find yourself immersed in an environment where you have the right amount of care and support to enable you to flourish as a student. We know that the first few weeks at university can be rather challenging as you adapt to a whole new way of operating, a whole new set of rules, a whole new set of buildings, and a whole new timetable of activity. We provide a range of support to help you through that period, including your own Personal Tutor and the Student Support and Guidance Tutors that you will hear some more about later.

As a student of the School of Media you will also be provided with opportunities with many of our external partners. We have partnerships with Photoworks which is a photographic community, we also have partnerships with Lighthouse Arts, which is a digital arts agency. As well as having wonderful relationships with the many festivals that take place in Brighton. Brighton is an exciting city with over 50 festivals across contemporary arts to moving image, to indeed our very own Pride that takes place here in August. Our students participate as both paid opportunities as well as volunteering as part of the amazing work in all of those festivals.

It’s with great delight that we welcome you to this environment that is so rich, so creative and so diverse. And I hope that we can help you to develop the grit and the talent to enable you to work in the incredibly fast-moving, really exciting creative and cultural industries.

Best wishes,

Irmgard Karl, Head of School

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