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Getting around
Travel around Brighton campuses – Lois, Psychology
Travel around Brighton, Chris, Civil Engineering
Art of budgeting, Lois, Psychology
Dealing with Stress, Lois, Psychology
Combatting homesickness, Saffi, Nursing
The power of a word – self care at uni, Jade English language and creative writing
Campus guide
Living in halls, Saffi,  Nursing
Parklife, Eastbourne, Eleanor, Sport Business Management
Sport at university, Chris, Civil Engineering
Joining a society, James, Mathematics with QTS
Food at Uni – vegan guide, Jade, English language and creative writing
Exam Prep, Emer, Pharmacy
Staying motivated, Lucy, Textiles
Top 5 study tips, Jamie, Biomedical Science
Managing deadlines, Max, Fashion
Organisation is the key to success, Stephanie, Midwifery
University a new chapter, Lois, Psychology


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